What Is A Market Analysis


A Market Analysis is not an appraisal.

A Market Analysis will help you determine what the buyer should be willing to pay for your property, based upon past sales and present competition

A CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) may or may not agree with an appraisal. “An appraisal for a specific reason, i.e. refinance, divorce, probate is based primarily upon brick, mortar and statistics. Beyond appraisal, a CMA analyzes the market, the economy and the competition. The seller and the broker team up, review the information available and price the property competitively. It is the agents’ role to educate the seller and execute an effective marketing program. It is the seller’s role to price their property and prepare it for the market.

Compare design

Compare square footage

Compare quality

Compare age

Compare neighborhoods

Compare lot value

Compare amenities

Analyze the economy

Analyze the competition

When you choose an asking price, be able to justify your decision. If a buyer agrees to your price and the appraiser disagrees, we’ll have to defend our position. That is why pricing is so critical.

The competent REALTOR® will present information, discuss options and strategies, and assist in creation of a marketing program.

The competent REALTOR® will require that the pricing strategy be based upon fact rather than fantasy. Whichever price you select, be certain that you have documentation to support your asking price. It is our job to educate you regarding pricing and property enhancements, and to market your property to its best advantage. YOUR JOB is to price your property competitively and to make every effort to present the property in its best possible condition, not only aesthetically, but also the overall condition.

The Market Analysis is a bringing together of the market, the economy, the neighborhood, the property condition, the property features, the tax information….all of this and intuition…pull it all together and choose your strategies. We’ll do it together. Then “the fun” begins!

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