The medical office and pharmacy of Dr. P. J. Domingues

More from favorite Kerrville historian, Joe Herring, Jr.
R. J. “Toby” Jobes sent along these great photos of his grandfather’s medical office and pharmacy, which were on Water Street, at the intersection of Water and Earl Garrett (then Mountain Streets).
Dr. P. J. Domingues was one of Kerrville’s early physicians, arriving around the turn of the last century.  He bought a home at 412 Water Street, and there opened his first practice.  Later, Capt. Charles Schreiner built a building at the intersection of Water and Earl Garrett streets which Dr. Domingues used as his office and his “Kerrville Drug Company.”
The site of the old office and drug company was about where the flagpoles and parking lot of Bank of America are today; some of you (fellow) Kerrville old-timers will remember when the Charles Schreiner Bank stood on the same corner.  Here are some of the early images of that office and pharmacy.
Thanks again, Mr. Jobes, for sharing these images with all of us.
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