“Life is Uncertain Eat Dessert First”

Life is Uncertain Trifle

Wednesday snacks for office meeting were inspired by “Life is Uncertain Eat Dessert First” . We enjoyed Trifle and Pigs N’ the Blankets. As promised we are posting the recipe for Trifle . An easy yet pleasing recipe! The presentation could have been more attractive had the strawberries not been GIANT, but they did make the dish tasty.


3, 8 inch cake pans

1 Trifle bowl

1, large Jell-O made with 3 ½ cups water

1, large French Vanilla pudding made with 3 ½ cups milk

1 box cake mix; mixed and baked in 3, 8” cake pans

2 cups frozen blueberries

1 small box strawberries; washed and cut in half, length wise

1 cup mandarin oranges

1 cup heavy whipping cream, whipped with ¼ cup sugar


The day before, line 2 cake pans with foil.

Make the Jell-O and pour into cake pans.

Chill covered over night.

Lift out the foil with the Jell-O and place on plates; refrigerate until you assemble the Trifle


Mix the cake mix and bake in 3 cake pans that have been greased and floured
Use only two cakes for this recipe

(Watch carefully they will bake 15-20 minutes)

Cool on wire racks


Mix the pudding; set aside

Mix the heavy whipping cream; set aside


To assemble use a bowl that is 8 ¼ inches or larger in diameter

Put in one cake layer

Line the perimeter with oranges or strawberries

Put one of the Jell-O rounds into the bowl

Line the perimeter with fruit

Add ½ of the pudding mixture

Sprinkle a cup of blueberries in the center of the pudding

Repeat with last cake, pudding and Jell-O

Top with the whipped cream and serve!


You may assemble all but the whipped cream, cover and use the next day adding the whipped cream at serving time.


Choose flavors of cake, pudding, fruit and Jell-O to suit your taste.


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