History Show up at Kerr Arts and Cultural Center

The following is my favorite Kerrville Historian (and printer) Joe Herring, Jr.’s latest post on his blog. I share it to encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Staff members of Sherman & Co. are excited about attending themselves, as well as letting any clients who come in from out of town know about it. ENJOY!

Thanks to Lanza Teague, Julius Neunhoffer, and other members of the Kerr County Historical Commission, the big show we’ve been working on for several months is now on display at the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center (the old Kerrville post office, 228 Earl Garrett Street) from today through August 5th.  Admission is FREE.  I hope you’ll stop by and see the photographs and historical items.

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Free show of Kerr County historical items from today through August 5th at
the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center, 228 Earl Garrett, Kerrville
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